Where to Go for Authentic Info – Industry Experts' Advice

Nov 28, 11:54 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Where should beginners go to get reputable advice on safe, practical aromatherapy? Many new essential oil enthusiasts become completely confused by the plethora of information encountered when searching online, and bluntly put, most of what they find is inaccurate, questionable, and sometimes downright crazy.

A dozen longtime industry experts, including friends Mindy Green and Lora Cantele, were recently contacted by the Unusual Health blog for our opinions. I was honored to be among the advisors consulted. Unusual Health did their due diligence, and you can read the experts' opinions here. Many of the recommended resources are free, and all of them are dependable. Although the blog post was meant to be geared toward beginners, intermediate users will find some useful references here, too.

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