What to Do if You Suffer Adverse Effects from an Aromatherapy Product

Feb 16, 05:18 PM

By Katharine Koeppen, RA

Lately I have been receiving an excessive number of e-mails from people who are panicking over their misuse of essential oils and do not know where to turn. If you are suffering adverse effects from use of an essential oil, essential oil blend, or aromatherapy product, here's a guide on what to do:

- Stop using the offending product immediately

- Contact the nearest poison control center or call your physician. If the reaction is very serious (i.e., you have a severe burn or cannot breathe), call for an ambulance or go to the nearest emergency room. Be prepared to supply the poison control center or first responders with the following information: your medical history, a list of all medications and supplements taken, and a list of the ingredients in the offending product. If you are being treated by a doctor or first responder, it is preferable to bring the offending product with you.

- After the initial emergency has passed, contact the product manufacturer and the distributor and file a report with them, describing the incident in detail. The manufacturer is then required to file an adverse effects report with the FDA.

- Please help out the aromatherapy community by filing an anonymous injury report here. The information you supply helps our industry educate clients and aromatherapy neophytes on safe use of essential oils. You may download prior compilations of injury reports for your own education.

- After you've done all this, if you are interested in having a private, personalized consultation with a professional who can work with you to develop a safe, effective aromatherapy protocol for your particular health issues, give Aromaceuticals a call. As a registered clinical aromatherapist with many years experience, I'll be happy to work with you by appointment.

Respectfully, please follow the guidelines above and do not call or e-mail Aromaceuticals to ask what you should do if you've misused essential oils or aromatherapy products. It is both unethical and unprofessional for me or Aromaceuticals to give advice to strangers. It is also illegal. Of course, if the incident involved one of our products, we want to hear about it.

If you wish to experiment with essential oils at home, do invest in a few reputable aromatherapy books or a class taught by a qualified professional aromatherapist. Be safe!

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