Tooting the Horn

Jan 12, 03:59 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Aromaceuticals has recently been featured as an expert resource on clinical aromatherapy and therapeutic essential oils, both locally and nationally.

On the fence about taking an aromatherapy class? Last month I was interviewed by AromaCulture Magazine (along with 2 dozen other industry experts) on this very subject. Whether you intend to use essential oils for basic family healthcare or in a professional setting, some degree of education has become a must, simply in terms of understanding safe usage and proper dosages. See what we had to say here. By the way, I'll be hosting a beginner class intensive on January 28.

I am a big proponent of the "go local" movement, and am happy to live in a neighborhood which embraces it. Aromaceuticals was given a shoutout as a green and holistically-minded service provider in both GreenSource DFW and the latest issue of Natural Awakenings. Get an introduction to my laidback "Eastlake" neighborhood here.

Many thanks to GreenSource reporter Amy Martin and AromaCulture editor Erin Stewart for your recognition!

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