Thoughts on Essential Oil Science

Mar 7, 05:41 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

"In line with conventional medical research, the explanation of essential oil efficacy was focused for the longest time on the pharmacology of isolated chemical components...

"Ignoring the biological nature of essential oils has inhibited aromatherapy. It led to the tacit assumption that there is a similarity in the therapeutic use of essential oils and conventional drugs. As a result, the language used for prescription and application of essential oils generally resembles that of conventional medicines.

"But equating essential oils with man-made drugs, simply because we can give chemical formulas for the constituents of both, leads to fundamentally incorrect conclusions. Man-made drugs are produced in factories... They are often a synthesis of our culture of war with the latest achievement of corporate science. Reflecting our culture, they are intended to fight pathogens, disease, germs, cancer, infections and, lately, those aspects of our lifestyles that are somehow deemed undesirable.

"To overcome those limitations, aromatherapy has to stop mimicking drug science and give renewed recognition to the fact that essential oils arise from nature. Their activity is shaped by the ambient ways of the plant world. Essential oils do not act as weapons, but as agents of interaction. They are a key ingredient of life itself, strengthening its fabric and preconditions."

Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD
The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils: the Advanced Science of Aromatherapy
Healing Arts Press, 2011

I am currently reading this book and as always, am enjoying Kurt's provocative insights. Look for a book review shortly...

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