The Fall City Garden

Oct 10, 05:16 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Over the past month, I've been installing a small raised bed garden, as well as a container garden, in the new backyard. Although everything burns up during the summer, North Texas is blessed with a warm fall, and I wanted to take advantage of this while the days are still longish. Here's what's growing in my two little raised beds and multiple containers:

Genovese basil
Red ruffles basil
Candy cane beets
Bright lights chard
Scented geranium
Lavender dentata "French"
Lavandin "Provence"
Quatre saisons lettuce (my favorite heirloom lettuce, very heat/cold/disease tolerant)
Heirloom mesclun lettuce mixes (3 different kinds!)
Calendula marigold "Neon" and "Radio"
Mexican mint marigold (my tarragon fallback solution)
Mixed microgreens
Japanese mustard
Greek oregano
Blue podded blauschold peas
Baby globe radishes
Petit dejeuner radishes
Broccoli rapini
Golden shallots
Malabar spinach (new this year and a fast growing Asian vine)
Tarragon (we'll see if this survives, I've never had any luck with it)
Thyme, variegated and lemon

The herbs, Malabar spinach and peas are from sets, but everything else is from seed. I highly recommend Renee's Garden Seeds (the original owner of Shepherd's Garden), which have near 100% germination rates. I've been buying from her for years, and she is slowing building back her collection of heirlooms and inventory at the new company.

Save the shallots (and our famous hail storms), everything should be ready by Thanksgiving. Yum!

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