Off Topic (Sort of): Recommended Read

Jul 13, 08:38 PM

I work with many people who are in a state of psycho-spiritual transformation, an area where aromatherapy can be extremely useful. I enjoy reading some fairly esoteric material, and am always interested to find work that scientifically validates spiritual experiences that have been common to many people of different faiths over the ages. That's why I am intrigued by Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality.

Author Barbara Bradley Hagerty is a reporter for NPR. She has been awarded several literary fellowships and formerly wrote for Christian Science Monitor. Hagerty was raised in a devout Christian Scientist home, and this book was written in an attempt to address the questions that arose during her own dark night of the soul. It's also a great piece of reporting on modern scientific discoveries regarding faith, spirituality, and many things heretofore unexplainable by little men in white lab coats. Highly recommended!


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