Off Topic: Channelling the Sacred Through Contemplation and the Written Word

Mar 9, 01:53 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Last night I was privileged to attend a lecture by prolific artist Karen Blessen on art and mysticism. Karen uses a contemplative process known as passage meditation as a daily spiritual practice, which resulted in an unexpected outpouring of creativity she is now sharing with others.

Everyone in attendance had a brief opportunity to experiment with her version of the practice, which involved contemplating a line or two of sacred writing and responding to it in a stream of consciousness fashion. Although participants were given a mere 5 minutes to express the sacred through written word, the results were both moving and astounding. Of course, it helped that the lecture was given in church, and I could feel an enormous rush of energy descend through an open space in the rooftop of the sanctuary as we began our meditation on the words "if the very world should stop..." excerpted from a passage by St. Augustine.

Here is what I was inspired to write during that brief period:

If the very world should stop, we would see the Void. We would fully experience the Void, falling within it. Devoid of all senses, we would simultaneously sense All that Is. If the very world should stop, there would be an overwhelming, tranquil, soothing blackness. Within that blackness, within that darkness, Peace. The Breath of Life. Breathe. Breathe deeply and drink of it. All knowledge, everything that is needed, everything that is required for this lifetime on earth resides within that breath. The Breath of Life.

Spend a few minutes this week contemplating a brief passage from a sacred script or favorite piece of literature. What does it inspire within you?

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