Kath's Travel E-kit

Dec 1, 06:46 PM

Holidays mean travel for many of us, and I never leave home without packing an aromatherapy emergency kit. It takes up very little room in my luggage, and has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion. The contents of my kit:

Helichrysum - A must for emergency cuts, scrapes, punctures, boils, sunburn, bee stings, you-name-the-skin-trauma.

Peppermint or Fennel - For nausea, halitosis, constipation, stomach aches or overindulgence in holiday dinners.

Lavender - For stress, headaches, minor abrasions, bug bites, sunburn, kitchen burns, dehydrated skin (great for airline travel!), muscular aches and pains, fever blisters, holiday blues, insomnia, anxiety over sleeping in a strange bed, and the best general additive to a hot relaxing bath.

Eucalyptus radiata or niaouli - For immune support, sudden onset of colds and sore throat, flu, prophylactic against infection in crowded airports and malls, sinus problems, gargle for gum problems or sore throat.

Cypress - For sore throats, swelling from muscular strains or sprains, PMS and hormonal swelling, styptic for shaving accidents.

Lemon - For disinfecting hotel bathrooms and doorknobs, general air disinfectant with a portable diffuser, fever, fever blisters, mental stimulation, mood elevation.

Aloe vera - The least messy and most versatile carrier for travel, with travel sizes available at most drugstores. Aloe is great for dehydrated or chapped skin, sunburn and minor cuts and abrasions; just make sure it's 99% pure, with no added colorants or menthol.

(OPTIONAL) Clary sage or frankincense - If I have room for one more bottle, I always include one of these. Not because either is an absolute necessity, but because they're two of my favorite EO's and both are excellent for meditation or quiet time away from noisy relatives. Clary is also helpful for asthma attacks, muscular aches, stress, insomnia and female hormone imbalance. In addition to holiday stress relief, frankincense is useful for laryngitis, sore throat, chest congestion and insomnia.

Happy and healthy trails to you!


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