It's an Effing Blog, for Chrissakes

Aug 28, 09:47 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Wow, there's been a lot of drama, fingerpointing and general nastiness going on in the online aromatherapy community as of late.

One of the things that is being discussed is the "necessity" to heavily and formally reference one's blog posts. 

People write blogs on all sorts of subjects for all sorts of reasons. I do it mostly for the sheer delight of writing, and sometimes I do it just to get my yayas out, so to speak. I like disseminating information that I find interesting, and like suggesting points of view which encourage others to think and explore on their own. Sometimes my motivation is nothing more than wanting to share a recipe for chocolate cake (with obligatory essential oils, of course). Moreover, this blog content is provided free of charge, no subscription required.

Which is why it completely floors me when aromatherapists who should know better e-mail or call and make statements such as, "How can you say this? Show me the proof! I want proof!" or "I want a complete list of all the references you used to write that blog post!" These requests are demanding, and their tone is not polite.

This is an effing blog, for chrissakes. A blog. Not an article in a peer-reviewed journal or a formal paper. When I write the latter two, those are heavily and appropriately referenced, as well they should be.

There are other people writing aromatherapy-specific blogs who make a point of impeccably referencing even their briefest posts. They are people who work primarily as professional researchers, or people who want to promote themselves as professional researchers, and/or people who work in academia. It doesn't surprise me when they reference their posts because they are writing from a particular mindset and background. I enjoy reading their blogs, and accept these writings for what they are: scholarly pieces of work. That does not mean their style of blogging is the norm, nor should it be promoted as the standard for an audience which is quite diverse in its craving for information on all things aromatic.

I've never laid claim to being a professional researcher or an academic, so I don't write from that perspective. Like many bloggers, I write what I like, write from the heart, and hope others enjoy reading my content. I'll continue to write the more in-depth, peer-reviewed stuff, but you won't see it on AromaBlog. In closing, hope you keep visiting, and hope you keep reading.

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