Geranium, the Oil of Renewal

Mar 23, 08:38 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Spring is very evident in Dallas this past week, with lovely weather and a profusion of plants in full flower. Essential oil of geranium (Pelargonium x asperum) always reminds me of spring and the power of renewal.

After a long winter, our bodies often feel like they're coming out of hibernation. We long to throw off any sluggishness and start anew with spring, often taking up new hobbies, excercise regimens or diets. Geranium is an excellent lymphatic stimulant and can assist us in revving up sleepy lymphatic systems, banishing those winter coach potato tendencies. This lovely oil, with its rose-like aroma, also balances and renews our skin, nervous and reproductive systems.

Emotionally, geranium is excellent for those who have self-nuturing issues and those who feel overburdened, since we often want to discard what bogs us down as the frozen earth begins to warm. Hildegard von Bingen often wrote of the "sacred greening", or the return of juiciness to body and spirit. Geranium typifies this concept. After the domancy of winter, geranium can help us get reconnected to the rhythms of nature and of life. This gentle yet powerful essential oil helps us get in touch with the sensuality of the blooming earth, as well as our own sensuality and need for sensate experience.

There are many subspecies of geranium that yield essential oil, since the plant cross-pollinates very readily. Aromaceuticals has two: a heady, ethereal, rosy Egyptian Pelargonium x asperum graveolens; and a South African Pelargonium x asperum roseum, which follows the rose notes with a spicy, citrusy kick. Try them both and see which suits your spirit of springtime renewal.


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