Fragrancing Francisco Tarrega

Dec 19, 09:25 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Last night, I was privileged to provide environmental fragrancing for a Spanish classical guitar concert benefitting Musical Angels. I developed a complex blend of citrus and spice oils to complement the music of of 19th and 20th century Spanish, Cuban and South American composers, brought to life by internationally acclaimed guitarist Carlo Pezzimenti and his accompanists on cello, harpsichord and violin. The blend was continuously diffused at a low level throughout the performance.

I've worked on several concerts with Musical Angels now, and it has really been a joy to discover how the musical performances can be enhanced by use of environmental aromatherapy. The essential oils both add to the concert experience and serve to purify room air during the onset of cold and flu season... important anywhere crowds are gathered. Both audiences and musicians have had nothing but positive reactions. It's very different from the type of clinical work I normally do, and helps me stretch my skills a bit... I hope to continue matching up more musicians and fragrances in 2012!

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