Fizzling Out a Slow Burn with Melissa

Jun 30, 10:07 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Aromaceuticals moved into our new home at the end of May and we still don't have a permanent phone number. After having spent half the day on the phone with AT&T (which seems to be how I am spending most of my days lately), I'm doing a slow burn. Time for a late night bath with melissa.

Melissa is also known as heart's delight, and has long been regarded as a heart tonic. It is especially effective at resolving emotional issues of the heart where liver imbalance or repressed anger is involved. Those who are worriers and easily discouraged benefit from this oil's cheery, lemony aroma, as do pessimistic types. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), melissa calms the shen, or spirit, allowing it to fully reside in the heart, freeing up a overheated heart and congested liver (the TCM organ of anger) which are not working in concert. Yep, that's where I'm at right now, because like many small business owners, my business is my heart and lifeblood. My situation is compounded at the moment by a fast and liver detox, and the oil will also provide support to the liver.

Melissa is also a terrific oil for those who are easily distracted and running from crisis to crisis. Not my usual state of mind, but this is what happens when your clients don't know where to call you.

I'll be adding a few other essential oils to my bath... neroli, petitgrain and black pepper. All of these are cooling for anger and irritability. So is ylang ylang, a heavy and exceptionally sweet floral which might replace melissa in a blend where supporting the liver isn't as critical.

By the way, Aromaceuticals temporary phone number is 214.485.6668. My two phone companies have assured me that the permanent number, 214.428.6668, will finally be fully installed as of July 7. I'll be taking long soaks with melissa until then!


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