Expand Your Knowledge of Aromatherapy - FREE!

Jul 26, 04:32 PM

By Katharine Koeppen, RA

Join the Essential Oil Revolution 2, a free online educational summit, and expand your aromatherapy horizons. This weeklong event will take place from August 22-28. By registering, you'll have free online access to presentations by 36 experts on all facets of aromatherapy. You can choose to listen to any one or all of the daily talks. I'll be presenting on Sunday, August 28, and my talk, The Consequences of Our Love Affair with Aromatherapy, will cover sustainability issues, adulteration, non-wasteful uses of essential oils and more. It will be available for you to listen free on Sunday and Monday, August 29. Whether beginner or seasoned aromatherapist, I guarantee you'll find at least one presentation in this summit that is of interest!

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