Diffusing de Falla

Jan 31, 12:04 AM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

I adore Spanish classical guitar. Therefore, I was thrilled to provide environmental fragrancing for a guitar and harpsichord concert this past weekend. It was a novel approach to introducing people to the power of aromatherapy and enhancing their appreciation of the musical experience.

The program consisted primarily of Spanish and South American composers: Ponce, Brouwer, de Falla, García de Leon and others. I wanted to come up with a blend that spoke of the sunniness and joie de vivre of their native countries, and also reflected the exotic, passionate flavor of the music.

I settled on a base of grapefruit, sweet orange, bergamot and cardamon. To that, I added notes of frankincense, black pepper, ginger and petitgrain. It all came together by adding the tiniest bit of ylang ylang complete.

The blend was diffused continuously throughout the concert. It was very subtle; I kept the diffusers at minimum output for the space. When I went to refresh the blend during intermission, I was deluged with positive comments from the audience. Most people were surprised to experience how a small amount of environmental fragrance improved the overall concert ambience. More rewarding were comments from a few aromatherapy neophytes, who were concerned about having a negative or allergic reaction to fragrance and were pleasantly surprised to find that none occurred (Although many suffer allergic responses to artificial fragrance chemicals, this rarely occurs with natural aromatics.). The biggest compliments came from the musicians themselves, who felt that the chosen essential oils were a perfect complement to their program.

I'll be experimenting with the connections between music and fragrance in the near future... keep your ears on AromaBlog.

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