Compassion Fatigue and Rose Oil

Aug 27, 05:42 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Recently, I read an article written by a chiropractor on "compassion fatigue". This is a type of burnout syndrome usually associated with nurses, social workers and psychotherapists, but any professional caregiver can fall prey to the side effects of repeated empathic engagement with their clients. The caregiver may feel exhausted, depressed, unable to sleep, and overwhelmed with guilt or anger. Soon, their ability to function at work becomes compromised.

Rose otto is a wonderful essential oil for professional and family caregivers alike. Rose supports the heart both emotionally and psycho-spiritually, soothes depression and grief, and encourages  self-nurturing. The oil has a cooling effect on anger and assuages feeling of guilt. It is helpful for those who feel overburdened by holding the secrets of others, a situation which can frequently occur in counseling professions. No wonder rose otto is frequently referred to in aromatherapy as "the oil of compassion".

The oil may be inhaled directly from the bottle or diluted and topically applied as an anointing blend. Alternatively, rose hydrolat can be misted over the face and upper chest for a quick and calming aromatherapy treatment.

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