Changes in the Information We Provide on Our Website

Jan 6, 04:25 PM

At Aromaceuticals, we have always been very careful about the information we provide regarding the essential oils and aromatherapy products featured on our website. You'll get accurate, detailed information on essential oil names, sources, certifications, chemistry, etc. You'll also get a lot of great information from our AromaBlog. However, you may have noticed that we don't give a lot of detailed information on how to use specific essential oils... because we can't, according to current FDA regulations.

In the past few years, representatives of a couple large essential oil sellers have openly made some very spurious claims about their companies' products, and of late have justifiably become targets of the FDA. Unfortunately, this has created a situation in which all essential oil companies have fallen under the FDA microscope. In the interest of compliance, over the next few weeks Aromaceuticals will be making some updates to our website. We're always been very conservative and safety-minded in our aromatherapy recommendations, and we intend to keep it that way.

As always, we recommend that you educate yourself about the properties, appropriate uses, cautions and contraindications of any essential oil you plan to use. With the ever-increasing popularity of aromatherapy, there are many reputable practitioners offering basic classes on the subject, as well as a growing number of excellent books geared toward both home users and professionals.

Lastly, in keeping with current FDA and FTC guidelines, we cannot advise you on the use of essential oils for your particular health issues. We recommend that you book a personalized, comprehensive consultation with a registered aromatherapist or similarly qualified healthcare professional. Aromaceuticals' Katharine Koeppen, RA, is available for consultation by appointment through her private practice, or you may contact the ARC registry to find an aromatherapist near you.

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