Bodymind Aromatherapy References

Mar 2, 08:20 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Each time I've lectured on psychoaromatherapy, the first question I am asked is "Where do you get your sources and what books can I read to learn about this?" When I give my list of books, the audience is usually surprised and puzzled to learn that none of the books are specific to the subject of aromatherapy.

I have developed my approach to aromatherapy based on over 15 years of clinical experience, and have drawn from many diverse sources to create an integrated system of using aromatics to heal rifts in the bodymind. Of course, you can always take one of my classes to learn about essential oils for healing the mind, emotions and spirit. But for those who would rather read, I'm happy to share my sources. In reading various books and articles by these authors, you may not make the same connections or draw the conclusions that I did, but I hope you will enjoy your exploration:

On the Bodymind Connection
Christiane Northrup, MD (early works); Mona Lisa Schultz, MD, PhD; Deane Juhan; Hugh Milne, DO; Candace Pert, PhD; Carolyn Myss, PhD (early works); Norman Shealy, MD; Bruno Chigly, MD; Ron Kurtz; Emilie Conrad; Andrew Weil, MD; Paracelsus; Avicenna; Hippocrates

On Psychology, Anthropology and Mythology
Carl Jung; Joseph Campbell; Jean Shinoda-Bolen, MD; Mircea Eliade; Sandra Ingerman, PhD; Thom F. Cavalli, PhD; James Hillman, PhD; Angeles Arrien, PhD; Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD; Marija Gimbutas, PhD; Alighieri Danté

On Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
Ted Kaptchuk, DOM; Jeffrey Yuen, DOM (recordings); Leon Hammer, MD

On Plants
Stephen Harrod Buhner, Luther Burbank, Dale Pendell, Diane Ackerman, Hildegard von Bingen, Michael Pollan, Patricia Kaminski, Paul Bergner, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Edward Bach, MD

On Our Relationship with the Natural World
Stephen Harrod Buhner; James Jealous, DO (recordings); Diane Ackerman
Of course, there is no substitute for direct experience here.

Other Variations on Healing
Jean Achterberg, PhD; Richard Grossinger; Paulo Coelho; Layne Redmond; Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Al-Khindi

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