Aromatic Oils & Teas Help Heal Survivors of Sex Trafficking Trade

Feb 10, 06:57 PM

By Katharine Koeppen, RA

Last week, I was privileged to attend a series of presentations by Becca Stevens. Becca is an ordained Episcopal priest and author with a healing mission: to help abused women leave the prostitution, slavery and sex trafficking trades and support them in becoming whole again. She is the founder of both Thistle Farms and the Magdalene houses, where these women reside, work and heal in an environment of unconditional love.

As a means of making her ministries self-sustaining, Reverend Becca began creating soaps, a small line of aromatherapy products and blended teas. The women not only help her manufacture these products, but many stay in the work force at Thistle Farms after they graduate from the Magdalene community and reintegrate into society.

Many in the audience were moved to tears as several of Becca's helpers related stories of their recovery at Magdalene, including the wisdom gained from working with fruits of the earth: healing herbs and essential oils. The women of Thistle Farm were not only appreciative of their newly developed connection to nature, but their dawning realization of the importance of self-nurturing using products that many had previously regarded as simply "pampering." As they began to love themselves again, they felt worthy of enjoying the very products they had a hand in creating.

One of Becca's presentations included a short tea ritual, designed to invite participants to create community and a sense of groundedness through the shared experience of sipping and appreciating tea. Thistle Farms' blend of black tea, melissa, lemongrass and moringa was quietly refreshing. Stories were shared and new friendships were made over partaking in a cuppa.

Thank you, Becca Stevens, for walking lightly and fully present on this earth, making respectful use of God's green creations, and teaching others to do the same.

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