Aromatic & Medicinal Plant Walk

Mar 25, 05:55 PM

I'll be leading an aromatic and medicinal plant walk at the Dallas Arboretum on Saturday, April 18, from 9am until 11am. Although the Arboretum no longer has a dedicated herb garden, tucked within its many nooks and crannies are dozens of plants used in traditional herbalism, aromatherapy and flower essence therapy. Most visitors don't realize that these healing plants are there, and this is your opportunity to get some direct experience of Mother Nature's gifts! I'll be discussing traditional plant lore and legends (why the humble yarrow is called "bad man's plaything", among other herbal tidbits!), and talking about contemporary uses of various plants in complementary and alternative medicine.

This event will definitely be more fun than sitting through a PowerPoint lecture, and you'll get a couple hours of excercise as a side benefit. If you'd like to join me on this informative and entertaining walk, please contact the Arboretum directly to register at 214-515-6540, or The cost is $20, including parking and admission, and Arboretum members get a discount on the fee!


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