Aromatherapists Helping Out in Aftermath of Harvey – Please Donate

Aug 31, 01:34 AM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

The aromatherapy community has quickly mobilized to help out Houston area residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

My friend and fellow aromatherapist Amy Kreydin is using her Austin-based business as a staging ground for assembly of trauma kits, stress-relief personal inhalers, aromatic hand sanitizer, respiratory blends, bug repellants, and any number of small products that might help Houstonians in need. Amy's efforts are being coordinated by a group of dedicated professionals at the United Aromatherapy Effort (UAE) page on Facebook.

The response so far has been encouraging, and you can help out by donating essential oils, aromatherapy products or funds. Here's how to do so:

- VISIT the UAE page on Facebook and JOIN the group.

- READ the pinned posts at the top of the page. These will tell you what items are needed and where to send them.

- REGISTER your donation on the registry post, listing items, quantities, date sent and method of shipment. This helps the coordinating team with inventory, planning and distribution efforts. If you are making a monetary donation and don't wish to publicly state the amount on social media, messenger UAE and notify them privately.

- If you are sending one of your own blends, be sure to label exactly what's in the product, directions for use and whether or not the blend is diluted or undiluted. Think of what you might need if you were stranded away from home with minimal possessions in a hot, flooded area. 

- Don't just think essential oils and blends. Supplies like pipettes, small bottles, labels, ziploc bags and bulk carrier oils are welcome.

- If you are in Texas and can assist, Amy needs volunteers to help with product assembly and packing in Austin. Couriers are also needed to deliver donations from Austin to Houston. Several Houston aromatherapists are working locally on distribution to area shelters, and they can use more hands in these efforts. Rather than contact Amy or the other regional aromatherapists directly (they already have more than enough to do!), please go through the UAE Facebook page if you wish to offer on-the-ground help. They will put you in touch with the right people.

- If you have any questions not answered above, please post on the UAE Facebook page

- If you are interested in donating but are unable to do so now, keep in mind that recovery efforts will be long term. This aromatic relief project will continue in the weeks and months to come.

Thank you!


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