Archetypal Aromatherapy Presentation 11/19

Oct 16, 01:49 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

I will be presenting a one hour teleconference on Essential Oils and Archetypes next month. Another tool for your aromatherapy toolbox, my presentation will cover Jungian archetypes and their associations relevant to essential oils for healing the mind, emotions and spirit. I will talk about general concepts and follow with specific profiles of several essential oils and their corresponding archetypes.

The teleconference takes place on November 19 at 6:30pm MST (7:30pm CST).

This presentation is sponsored by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) and open to their membership. For more information, call 303-531-6377, or contact

If you can't make the teleconference, AIA will be selling a CD of the presentation for $10, available in December. They also have the CD which I recorded for them last year, Aromatherapy for Somato-emotional Integration. You can listen to a sample of this presentation by clicking on the appropriate link on Aromaceuticals' Library page. All proceeds from sale of these recordings benefit AIA, a non-profit educational organization.

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