An Aromatherapy Container Garden

Aug 1, 02:49 AM

Living in the inner city, my backyard consists of a 9’ x 18’ slab of concrete, which reaches boiling temperatures during the long Dallas summers. Despite this (and with very regular watering), I have managed to cultivate a garden in various terra cotta containers ranging in size from 10” to 22” in diameter.

Wherever you live, you can find a few aromatic plants that will suit your climate and provide you with a fragrant oasis. I limit my selection to plants that are edible and/or medicinal. Here’s what grows in my garden:

Alliums (garlic chives, onion chives and society garlic)
Aloe vera
Basil (Genovese variety, in my opinion the most flavorful for cooking)
Bay laurel
Hyacinth bean vine
Jasmine (sambac, now in full bloom)
Mexican mint marigold
Oregano (Greek)
Parsley (curly and Italian)
Passionflower vine
Pelargonium (rose scented)
Rose (centifolia)
Sweet myrtle
Sweet potato vine (purple)
Swiss chard, rainbow
Thyme (lemon variegated)
Violets (odorata)


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