A Time for Quiet, Beauty and Inner Peace

Dec 21, 06:28 PM

by Katharine Koeppen, RA

Today is winter solstice, the shortest, darkest day of the year. With several clients deep in crisis and a pressing schedule, I needed a few moments of quiet to become grounded and maintain my focus for the day ahead. I sat for half an hour meditating on the year and the challenges it has brought me and so many others.

Foremost on my mind was a failed attempt at offering a free workshop to help people maintain their center during difficult times. I had carefully chosen a group of people in need and offered the workshop, but much to my great disappointment, those who were invited expressed an unwillingness to commit the time necessary to gain some peace of mind.

Aided by a blend of bay laurel, jasmine and frankincense, I asked for the ability to let go of my expectations for the workshop. My mind was instantly transported to the memory of a story...

Several years ago, a nondescript, itinerant musician carefully set up his instrument and blanket in a crowded Washington, DC subway. He began to play a series of achingly beautiful classical pieces on his violin, the music wafting down subway tunnels into the ears of hundreds of commuters. Virtually everyone who passed him that afternoon went by hurriedly, ignoring the music. A few people stopped briefly, tossing a coin or two into his violin case. After a couple hours, he packed up his instrument and left with the meager few dollars that had been offered by a handful of grateful commuters.

The violinist was none other than the brilliant Joshua Bell. He had agreed to perform in the subway as part of a university experiment to see if people would allow themselves time to recognize, stop and enjoy moments of unexpected beauty and peace. Researchers noted that the majority of those who had stopped, stood in rapt attention and left transformed by the music were children.

What is wrong with us that we can no longer take the time to become centered and experience a few moments of peace that can sustain us through the day? Why can't we stay grounded long enough to see the beauty that lies within that peace? Why can't we open ourselves to be deeply moved by something unexpected? When did we forget the Divine Child who dwells within each of us?

Take a few minutes of quiet during these darkest hours of the year to invite peace and beauty into your life. Done consciously on a regular basis, you will have enough to maintain your center throughout the coming year. Namaste.


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